Buying your home: 5 steps to a stress free completion day

Moving home is regularly listed as one of the most stressful things we can do and as the completion day draws nearer, the stress often ramps up.

But what can you do to reduce the stress of making your big move? In our latest article, our conveyancing experts take a look at 5 simple steps you can take for a stress free completion day.

Avoid exchanging and completing on the same day

Attempting to exchange contracts and complete on the same day can be a recipe for disaster.

The contract to purchase a house will only become binding once the contracts have been exchanged. Once the contract is formally exchanged completion date will be written in giving you time to organise a moving van and complete all the last minute checks.

By attempting to exchange and complete on the same day, you could be left with far too little time to prepare for the move. The whole process could then be completely derailed by something as simple as a cheque not clearing in time.

Line up your removal company ahead of time

Leaving time between exchanging and completion will give you the time you need to line up your removal company ahead of time.

We would advise waiting until contracts have been formally exchanged before confirming with the removal company. This will mean that you can provide them with a confirmed date of your move.

Get the money ready to go

Making sure any money that needs to be transferred to your solicitor is ready and in the right account will help speed up the process.

Returning signed documents as quickly as possible will also help to keep the process moving.

Don’t keep your big move secret

Before you head off to your new dream home, let the right people know where you’re going.

This means making sure you inform your gas, electricity and internet and phone providers as well the bank, doctors and DVLA.

Don’t forget about the keys

If you’re selling your home, leave a set of keys with the estate agent and we’ll inform them when the monies have been safely received so they can release them to the buyer.

If you’re buying, we’ll let you know straight away when the keys are released so you begin your life in your new home.

Let our expert conveyancing solicitors get you moving

At Residential Matters, our expert conveyancing solicitors are on hand to help all the legal aspects of your sale or purchase run smoothly.

Not only will you have a dedicated solicitor to offer advice throughout your move, you can also track the progress of your conveyancing online at any time.

To find out how we can help get you moving, call us on 01282 695 400.

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