Highly recommended! Client satisfaction survey makes good reading for Residential Matters

The legal team here at Residential Matters are devoted to providing our clients with the smoothest possible experience when it comes to their conveyancing needs.

We believe that providing a high quality service is the most important factor within the conveyancing process, and this is an element that is shared by the majority.

A recent study that was undertaken by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which consisted of the views of over 4000 members of the public, revealed that only 6% of conveyancing clients chose their solicitor because of their low price.

So this echoes why here at Residential Matters we are so dedicated to giving our clients what they want, a high quality conveyancing service.

We are always looking to improve our conveyancing services

Both the SRA and the government have recently turned their attention to improving the conveyancing experience for the public.

However, here at Residential Matters this has always been our aim.

In light of this, we have carried out a client satisfaction survey to see if we are fulfilling our duties.

In total, 122 of our recent clients were included in the survey, and we would like to share the results with you…

As you can see, the majority of our recent residential conveyancing were extremely satisfied with the service we provided them, with 76% choosing this option.

Furthermore, we are also delighted to announce that only 1% of our conveyancing clients revealed that they were not satisfied with our services.

Also, an impressive 96% of the 122 clients that were questioned said that they recommend Residential Matters to a family member or friend.

When asked to give her view on the results of our client satisfaction survey, Helen Robinson, Head of Conveyancing here at Residential Matters, commented:

“First and foremost, we are absolutely thrilled after seeing the results of this survey.

“Here at Residential Matters we pride ourselves on the high levels of service that we provide to our clients, so to see that 99% of the clients that were surveyed were satisfied their conveyancing experience is a massive plus point.

“However we will still continue to seek feedback from our clients in the future, so that we can continue to grow and develop our services for the better”.

A few quotes…

For those of you who aren’t convinced by numbers and statistics, why not take a quick look at some testimonials that have been provided by some of our satisfied clients below:

“Residential Matters made the conveyancing process stress free and straightforward. They made it feel quick, easy and clear”.

Jennifer Watkinson

“I have moved homes 6 times and from previous experience can say I have never been kept informed as well as I was by Helen. Emails were answered on the same day very quickly and the price of service was competitive and reasonable”.

Diane Grainger

“Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the service you provided to us with our sale and purchase. I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends”.

Suzanne Hartley

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